Build the community we aspire to be: Birch Bay and surrounding areas are changing rapidly. This is a truly rare opportunity to build the future we want and to express the values central to our community: comradery, a love of place, joy, trust, curiosity, equitable access to information, respect for the past and hope for the future. Let’s create a place where everyone who calls Birch Bay home can thrive, together.

A project that benefits everyone: A library – a building open to all – provides opportunities for interaction, entertainment and education. It is a rare structure that fosters community and collaboration.

Open, accessible and free to all, a Birch Bay Library will be a welcoming space with critical resources for young people (teen librarians will become important mentors; reading programs are proven to help children succeed in school); for older people who may be socially isolated; for people who are new to the area; for economically disadvantaged people; for families; for business owners; for job seekers. For us all. Let’s create a place that builds bonds and community.

Now is the time: The library site was purchased just before local land and housing prices began to skyrocket. The site is now worth 35% more than when it was purchased in 2017. This is the single best opportunity we have to build social infrastructure on a site that represents the best of Birch Bay. This land could have become a private residence, hotel or other private enterprise. Instead, we have a chance to build a public space open to all. Let’s create a once-in-a-lifetime gathering place while we can.

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