Voting is always important. This time, for Birch Bay, it is essential!

Vote Yes on Proposition 2 in the February 8, 2022 election to build the Birch Bay Vogt Community Library.

In November, 59.29% of voters said yes, missing the required 60% by 26 votes. The measure is back on the ballot because this is an historic opportunity with broad community support.

What’s at stake?

  • A $2 million state grant that will expire if the funding measure doesn’t pass.
  • Library services that benefit everyone in our community. Scroll this site to learn how the library will help Birch Bay thrive. 
  • A warm, welcoming and friendly community gathering place.

Vote Yes! for our library. Vote Yes! for our community. 
Don’t let this opportunity to build the Birch Bay Library slip by. Please vote!
Voting deadline: Deposit your ballot in an official drop box by 8 p.m. Feb. 8 (Election Day). Closest ballot drop box for Birch Bay residents is at the North Whatcom Fire & Rescue, 4581 Birch Bay-Lynden Road

Visit to learn more about the project and the services and experiences you will enjoy at our new library.

Birch Bay Library Testimonials

“The Birch Bay Library will add significant value to our community, particularly for our children. The lifelong links between literacy and social and economic outcomes cannot be overemphasized. Libraries give children their first experience at being a citizen in their own right, and encourage children to become confident and competent people.”

~Jeff Booth (retired 5th grade teacher)